Seating - Sports/Theater: 10,000
Seating - Cabaret/Formal dining: 4,500
Parking: 8,000+ cars

Event Space Available

The DC Armory features a 65,000 square foot drill floor uninterrupted by columns. The drill floor is maple wood, and accessible by a main entrance and loading dock. Complimenting this versatile event space is a Box Office, Executive Lounge, Show Office, Dressing Rooms and two lockerrooms.

Venue Restrictions

Food and Beverage Sampling

All exhibitors wishing to offer food and beverage samples must submit a completed Food & Beverage Sampling request form to Events DC for review and approval.

Indoor Signage

Indoor signage is permitted during an event provided it is not offensive or in poor taste. Materials may be hung or displayed within the Armory but cannot be adhered using adhesives or any substance that will mar or damage the interior of the Armory. Signage will not be allowed if it blocks or obscures the visibility of any permanent signs or blocks access to public spaces.

Open Flames

Open flames are strictly prohibited throughout the entire DC Armory.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is permitted provided the content is not offensive or in poor taste, free-standing or attached to trusses or structures constructed by promoter. Materials cannot be attached to, hung from, leaned against or adhered to the exterior of the Armory.

Party Favors/Promotional Materials

Use and distribution of confetti, streamers, stickers or helium-filled balloons is prohibited.

Vehicle/Trailer Regulations

  • No vehicle/trailer can exceed 400 pounds per square foot.
  • All vehicles/trailers that are parked inside the Armory must have less than 1/4 tank of gas.
  • All vehicles/trailers must provide Visqueen (or a similar waterproof material) and place it beneath the vehicle to protect the Armory floor.