Event Space

Back of House

  • Four Auxiliary Rooms that can serve as preps/ green rooms, each approximately 300 SF, with dedicated restrooms and direct access to the arena floor
  • Two Team Locker Rooms with restrooms that can serve as prep rooms/green room space, each approximately 310 SF, with direct access to the arena floor
  • State-of-the-art press room


  • Intimate two-level seating bowl with sightlines designed to maximize spectator experience
  • 5,000 seats (bleacher seating at 4,200 + 800 for floor level)
  • Can support a stage size of up to a 40’ x 60'
  • Two-bay loading dock with direct access to staging area adjacent to arena floor
  • Premium cushion seating available in the first five rows of sections 201 and 207
  • Retail Store
  • First Aid

Wi-Fi Infrastructure

From social media to live streaming, the Wi-Fi sys- tem will be capable of pushing over 1 gigabit of data per second. The Wi-Fi system will have the latest 802.11 Wave2 multi-gigabit technology capable of handling the most demanding fans’ wireless broad- band expectations.

The system is being designed to support:

  • 5,000 simultaneous connected devices (bowl seating at 4,200 + 800 for floor level)
  • Average speeds in excess of 20M DL per device
  • Capacity to post 5,000 Instagram photos per second
  • Capacity to handle 5,000 live streams

Note: The Wi-Fi System is also being built with flexi- bility in mind, from reconfiguring from WNBA Games to esports events, the system can be adapted on the fly to accommodate various seating configuration. Wireless system capacity can also be augmented either by adding Wi-Fi Access Points or Small Cell LTE using CBRS modules.

Arena Floorplans