Advanced Arena WI-FI Designed for eSports

The Entertainment & Sports Arena Wi-Fi system has the latest 802.11 Wave2 multi-gigbit technology capable of handling the most demanding fans’ wireless broadband expectations. From social media to live streaming, the Wi-Fi system is capable of pushing gigabits of data per second throughout the venue, even under peak capacity.

A System Designed to Support

  • Bowl seating at 4200 + 800 for floor level
  • 5,000 devices connected at once
  • Average speeds in excess of 20M DL per device
  • Capacity to post 5,000 Instagram photos per second
  • Capacity to handle 5,000 live streams
esports arena rendering
eSports stadium seating at ESA

eSports Seating

Lower Bowl Fixed: 1,772
Lower Bowl Retractable: 540
Upper Bowl Fixed: 1,195
Floor: 612
Total: 4,119