Celebration Pavilion

The Celebration Pavilion near Field 2 can be rented on an hourly basis for parties, meetings, classes, and other social/cultural events. Requests must be submitted through the following form at least two weeks in advance. The pavilion covers 3,000 square feet of paved area. Permitted users may bring furniture and equipment or rent chairs and tables from CRYSP. Please refer to the Policies page for all policies and rules. 

Rental rates for patrons are as follows:

  • Pavilion — exclusive use: $75/hour with a valid DC photo ID; or $150/hour (Non-DC rate)
  • Field 2a in conjunction with Pavilion rental — $42/hour with a valid DC photo ID or $85/hour (Non-DC rate)
  • Cleaning deposit  — $200 per event that includes food and/or beverages
  • Food vendor/food truck fee — $150 per vendor (requires additional permit, submitted 30 days prior to event)
  • Additional fees may apply if additional staffing, custodial, security or other services are required
  • Furniture rental
    • 8-foot rectangular tables — $8
    • 4-foot round tables — $8
    • Chairs — $8 per 4 chairs
    • Set up/take down fee — $75/event
    • 10x10-foot tents with 1 table and 2 Chairs — $75
    • 10x20-foot tents with 1 table and 2 Chairs  — $125
    • 2 Speakers and Microphone — $50
    • Lawn Games: Cornhole, Connect 4 and Giant Jenga — $40/ea or $100/all 3
  • Cleaning Deposit — $200 per event that includes food and/or beverages
  • Additional fees may apply if additional staffing, custodial, security, or other services are required.

Music is permissible with permit between the hours of 9 am to 8 pm, Sunday to Thursday, and 9 am to 11 pm, Friday and Saturday. Amplification is limited to two speakers facing east; subwoofers and low base are prohibited.

Grilling and open flames are not allowed anywhere on the The Fields at RFK Campus.

Site Conditions and Cleaning

If a permitted patron arrives to their designated area and finds it in substandard condition due to trash, other items/equipment on or off the field, or any damage to the field or area, please inform field staff immediately. Failure to do so may result in the patron being held responsible for the substandard condition.

Once a permitted patron takes possession of their designated area, the patron is responsible for cleaning up after their activities or event and leaving the field or area in as-good or better condition than when they arrived.

CRYSP may require the patron to pay an additional cleaning fee or provide a cleaning deposit prior to engaging in any activity under the Pavilion or on a field. The circumstances under which a cleaning deposit will be required shall be made on a case-by-case basis. A deposit will not typically be required for events that do not involve food or beverages.

Fee Waiver Information


Fee Waivers are intended for events that create public benefit and are hosted by organizations or individuals that would be unduly impacted by payment of the typical fee for renting space at The Fields at RFK Campus.

In determining whether to issue a Fee Waiver, the following factors will be considered: public benefit and accessibility, financial hardship, and program demand (whether the activity is free and open to the public). The applicant affirms that they understand that the decision on their request is at the decision of management and may be denied or granted in part or in whole.

To apply for a fee waiver, submit your permit application and this fee waiver request.

Please use the following form to book the Celebration Pavilion.

View the Reservation Calendar.