Weather Information

Fields and Office Closures

The safety of our participants and staff is our number one priority.

Call the weather hotline, 202-539-9555 Ext. 1, to check whether playing fields and/or the office at The Fields at RFK Campus are closed.

In the event of inclement weather, including lightning, snow and/or ice accumulation resulting in unsafe road, sidewalk and parking lot conditions, The Fields may be closed. Decisions about closure are at the sole discretion of CRYSP DC, the operator, or Events DC, the owner.

Patrons may not shovel snow off the field at any time.

In the event that lightning is observed at or near The Fields, the entire facility will be closed for 30 minutes; the 30-minute clock will restart after each subsequent observance of lightning. Field staff will announce field closures via the public announcement system and on the weather hotline, 202-539-9555 Ext. 1. All players, spectators and others must follow the instructions of The Fields staff and vacate the fields. Staff may reopen the park after lightning or other weather hazards have passed, but all decisions of The Fields staff are final and within their sole and absolute discretion.

Patron responsibility

With the exception of lightning, snow/ice accumulation, and other extreme weather conditions, decisions about playing during inclement weather are up to patrons, at their own discretion and their own risk.