Playground and Picnic Area

Patrons may have small birthday parties and other informal social events in the playground picnic area for up to 20 people, for up to two hours, using up to four tables, as long as patrons do not prevent shared use by others who are already there. There is no charge for this use.

Patrons who wish to reserve space in the playground picnic area may visit the field office in person, up to 48 hours in advance of their party/gathering. The same 20-person/two-hour/four table limit applies to these reservations. Photo identification is required. Reservations are only accepted in person, not over the phone or by email and are first-come-first-served.

Occasionally a large special event, such as a tournament or festival, will preclude picnic area reservations. Special events will appear on the calendar, usually at least several weeks ahead of the date.

Those who wish to reserve space for a larger party or longer event may rent part or all of the Celebration Pavilion for a modest fee.