RFK Stadium: A to Z



RFK Stadium Demolition Info: A to Z

Frequently asked topics about RFK stadium demolition are detailed below.


The process involving the abatement of asbestos and any other potentially hazardous materials began in August 2022 and will continue for several months. While the presence of asbestos is common for a building of this age, the health and safety of community is of the utmost importance to Events DC and SmootDC. The abatement process is underway in accordance with all federal and local laws by licensed professionals and does not present a danger to the community.

Regarding the demolition, the current plan calls for an environmental abatement followed by a gradual removal of major structural components and not a controlled implosion. Major structural components will be removed by the end of 2023 barring any unforeseen circumstances.

In the intervening months, the RFK Stadium Campus including the Fields at RFK, skate park and nearby DC Armory will continue to host events and will remain open for use throughout this process. Some areas of the Campus are closed due to ongoing demolition activities. See a map of RFK Campus detours here

Events DC is committed to open and transparent communication with the community as we plan for this next phase of the redevelopment of the RFK Campus. We look forward to sharing updates and soliciting community input at RFK Campus Quarterly Meeting and ANC meetings.

Events DC has a community engagement team dedicated to the RFK Campus that will work in close coordination with SmootDC’s community engagement team.

As we have since the beginning of the planning process, Events DC will provide updates to and receive feedback from the community through quarterly meetings, the RFK Campus website (www.RFKFields.com) and the RFK Campus newsletter.

In addition, any questions, comments or concerns related to the project can be sent directly to https://eventsdc.com/contact-us.

We conducted a hazardous materials survey and created a scope of the necessary work to remove and dispose of materials containing asbestos and other hazardous waste, per DOEE’s abatement permit. Air monitoring will be conducted and monitored 24/7 by a certified industrial hygienist. Following that, large debris will then be removed.

Dust, vibration and noise monitoring stations will be established and monitored. Water cannons and wheel washing stations will be deployed to control and suppress dust generated by the demo activities. Rodent and vector control measures will also be used throughout the job site.

Solar-powered security cameras will remain onsite throughout this process, as well.

We are taking every possible precaution to ensure the health and safety of the surrounding community and in accordance with all federal and local laws and regulations. 

The entire cost of the stadium demolition is approximately $20 million.

Regarding the demolition, the current plan calls for an environmental abatement followed by a gradual removal of major structural components and not a controlled implosion. Major structural components will be removed by the end of 2023 barring any unforeseen circumstances.

All work, including abatement of hazardous materials, is being done in accordance with all federal and local laws and following an extensive regulatory approval process. 

Smoot Construction Company of Washington, DC and its subcontractors will advertise any openings through DOES. There is a goal to retain at least 51% local employees.

The selected contractor will be required to comply with the District’s Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) laws, which require at least 35% subcontracting to certified Small Business Enterprises, as well as with the District’s First Source Employment requirements for minimum hours worked by District residents.

We are in the process of surveying RFK Stadium artifacts including seats and other memorabilia. All items will undergo a thorough evaluation to ensure safety, among other considerations, prior to any dissemination. We plan to share more information regarding the sale and distribution of RFK Stadium items in the coming weeks.

In accordance with DCRA’s noise regulations, work will take place Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. If work is required outside of DCRA’s legal construction hours, we will apply for a special permit, requiring ANC approval.

The demolition and abatement are unrelated to ongoing discussions about a future anchor facility at RFK Campus and should not be interpreted otherwise. Events DC remains agnostic towards those discussions.  

The current demolition plan calls for the cleared site to be graded and converted to grass. 

Events DC selected Smoot Construction Company of Washington, DC (SmootDC) to lead the demolition efforts which was reported during the December 2021 meeting of the Events DC Board of Directors, available on EventsDC.com. The SmootDC team has begun abatement work at the stadium, which will take several months. Following abatement, demolition of larger structural components will begin. We currently estimate that demolition of the major structural components will be complete by the end of 2023. The entire project is approximately $20 million.

The interior abatement process begun in August 2022. Demolition of the major structural components is projected to be completed by the end of 2023.

Following approval of a raze permit from DCRA and completion of the abatement process, we will remove the cap from the stadium. The stadium utility infrastructure will be demolished, and debris will be removed. As we move through this process, we will see what can be salvaged for legacy or other purposes. Once the site is clear, it will be backfilled, graded and seeded.

We have prepared hauling and local delivery routes that are designed to keep trucks off neighborhood streets and to not disturb the surrounding neighborhoods. Large trucks hauling debris will be routed to/from the stadium ring road via the Whitney Young Memorial Bridge and I-295. If necessary, smaller delivery trucks will access the site via Independence Avenue and exit via C Street.

RFK Stadium Info: A to Z

Other frequently asked topics about RFK Stadium are detailed below.

RFK Stadium was part of the fabric of Washington, DC, serving as center stage for sports and entertainment in the city for nearly 60 years. As one of the nation’s first true multi-purpose stadiums, RFK gave sports and music fans decades of unforgettable memories and iconic events.

Events DC plans to honor the incredible legacy of the stadium with public events as we lead up to complete demolition.

Please continue to follow www.eventsdc.com and www.FarewellRFK.com for updates.

The long-term future of the RFK Stadium Campus is dependent on conversations and decisions between the federal government and officials in the District of Columbia. Events DC looks forward to working with the White House, Congress and DC leaders to transfer the entire 190-acre RFK Campus parcel back to the District so residents and the community at large can decide the best uses for the site.

However, Events DC did engage with the community over several meetings about their potential vision for redevelopment to create a dynamic community hub for sports, recreation and culture. The community sessions encouraged innovative green space design that will sustainably integrate the natural beauty of the Anacostia River and amenities that were accessible to the neighborhood.

The Fields at RFK, Festival Grounds and Skate Park are examples of temporary development that resulted from those neighborhood meetings. Other items that the community said they would like to see is a Market Hall, Sports and Recreation Complex, Pedestrian Bridges and a RFK Memorial.

Media can contact Events DC Director of Communications Christy Goodman at cgoodman@eventsdc.com.

As the official convention and sports authority for the District, Events DC leverages the beauty, history and diversity of the most powerful city in the world. We generate economic and community benefits for the city through the attraction and promotion of business, athletic, entertainment and cultural activities for residents and visitors alike.

As part of our sustained commitment to leading the way in attracting more activity in the District, Events DC will continue to collaborate with targeted strategic partners. These partners’ annual deliverables focus on increasing Events DC’s visibility, working in conjunction with their network of influence and building potential shared business opportunities.

Events DC is always interested in partnering with corporate and community organizations at the RFK Stadium Campus. For more information, please contact Director of Corporate Partnerships Ash Rix at arix@eventsdc.com.