Seat and Memorabilia Information

Nationwide shipping now available!

We are excited to share details on how to purchase authentic stadium seats and memorabilia! Below is all you need to know for owning your piece of RFK Stadium history.

All sales and transactions are conducted via our partner, Stadium Seat Depot, an industry-leading sports and stadium memorabilia company. 

The final sale begins on April 3, 2023 with wooden and plastic gold seats, plastic burgundy seats and pairs of plastic burgundy and gold seats from the stadium's upper bowl on sale for the first time. Wooden and plastic orange seats from the stadium's lower bowl and authentic turnstiles are still available as well. 

We are now offering nationwide shipping, as well as in-person pickup at a later date this spring at RFK Stadium Campus in Washington, DC. After purchasing seats or turnstiles, Events DC will send ticket buyers detailed information regarding the pickup locations and times. All seats will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

A portion of the proceeds from seat and memorabilia sales will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington and St. Coletta of Greater Washington.

For question about seat purchases, contact Stadium Seat Depot directly at or 317-502-6850. For all other questions about RFK Stadium, please contact Events DC.

To purchase seats and turnstiles click here:

Stadium Seat Depot

Examples of RFK Stadium seats & items available during initial sale:

RFK Stadium turnstiles
Double Wooden Orange Seat
Double wooden orange seats
Single wood seat
Single wooden orange seat


Stadium Memorabilia FAQ

Events DC will release some 8,000 units for sale at An initial sale of orange wood and plastic seats began November 3. More units will be released in 2023.  

Due to the construction of the original stadium, pairs of seats share armrests. So each unit will be two seats. Single seats also will be available at a lower price.

Orange Wood Seats: Single $399.99 Double $499.99
Orange Plastic Seats: Single $349.99, Double $449.99

Burgundy and Gold wooden and plastic seat pricing for 2023 is TBD.

Stadium seats are sold in authentic “as-is” condition and will show signs consistent with outdoor stadium usage. This may include fading from the elements and other nicks, scratches, minor cracks and other imperfections from fan use. The seats will be in otherwise good repair with no damage that renders them unusable.

Each unit will be fitted with special brackets that will allow the new owner to display the seats or bolt them to a wall or floor. They are not stable enough for use as seats without being secured.

Stadium Seat Depot sells a patented "Seat Feet" bracket to make it portable, stable and safe to sit in without bolting it down. You can view and purchase this along with your seat at Stadium Seat Depot RFK page

The initial sales period for the first inventory of seats is now open at Stadium Seat Depot - RFK. More units will be available as the vendor removes them and prepares them for sale.

Pick-up dates will be in-person at a later date this spring at the RFK Stadium Campus in Washington, DC. Once seats are purchased, you’ll receive more detailed instructions. Nationwide shipping is now available as well. 

The cost of units accounts for the labor and removal of the seats from the stadium and the preparation for sale including inspection and reassembly. A portion of seat sale proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington and St. Coletta of Greater Washington.

A portion of seat sale proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington and St. Coletta of Greater Washington. The remainder will help fund the overall demolition project. 

Unfortunately you can not purchase a specific seat number. Only the material (wood vs. plastic) or number of units. All seats sold will be in working condition "as-is" and will show signs consistent with years of stadium use.