Concerts on a Whole New Level

The Entertainment and Sports Arena’s 4,000-seat concert space gets the audience closer to their favorite Rock n’ Roll bands, Hip-Hop artists, and singers than they ever thought they could be.

A Venue Designed to Bring the Noise

  • Concerts Accessible to All: Just 3 minutes from the Congress Heights Metro
  • Wi-Fi Built to Capture Every Note: A system designed for 5,000 devices connected at once
  • Up Close to Major Musical Stars: More than 2,000 seat available in lower bowl fixed & retractable
  • A Unique Musical Experience: Acoustical baffling delivers incredible concert sound
concert venue rendering

Concert Seating

Lower Bowl Fixed: 1,772
Lower Bowl Retractable: 540
Upper Bowl Fixed: 1,195
Floor: 612
Total: 4,119