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Concrete Paradise

Washington, DC’s one-of-a-kind outdoor skating facility, the Skate Park at RFK Campus attracts local and international skaters to try their tricks on rails and ledges inspired by the District's Freedom Plaza memorial. Read more about one of the newest jewels in the capital’s crown.

A Monumental DC Landmark in the Making: A History of the Skate Park at RFK Campus

2011 - DC’s first major skate park opens on the RFK Campus. Designed by Pro Skater Geoff Rowley and California Skateparks, the Skate Park is Inspired by Freedom Plaza and the architecture along Pennsylvania Avenue and includes replicas of the Golden Rail and Freedom Plaza Ledges.

2011 - Events DC hosts the famous Maloof Money Cup, the District’s first major skateboarding tournament.

2018 - The Skate Park at RFK Campus gets a facelift with a six-week beautification project to increase the visibility and value of the park for public use and event space.