COVID-19 Initiatives

Investing in Cutting-Edge Disinfection

In partnership with SurfaceGuard, we have deployed its high-grade COVID-19 remediation and health and safety reporting system at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Entertainment and Sports Arena, DC Armory and The Fields at RFK Campus as part of their venues’ health and safety reopening efforts. 


Events DC venues will be the first facilities in the nation to implement this first-of-its-kind safety protection and the Walter E. Washington Convention Center is the first convention center to deploy this COVID-19 remediation. SurfaceGuard is a Washington, DC-based specialty coating company combining an EPA N List disinfectant with advanced technology designed to kill COVID-19.

Quick facts below:

  • SurfaceGuard BIOPROTECT™ biostatic surface protection, a long-lasting product that bonds with the surfaces of our furniture and equipment to stop the growth and reproduction of bacteria
  • NanoSeptic light-powered self-cleaning surface products placed on our high-traffic public touchpoints to continuously self-clean these surfaces 24/7
  • Our hand sanitizer locations are stocked and deployed strategically throughout our venues. They are monitored and replenished frequently
  • We are deploying electrostatic sprayers throughout our venues to sanitize event function spaces overnight and during the day. With these sprayers, we ensure that we are disinfecting all surfaces in event spaces, not just the visible tops of tables and chairs.