District of Gaming

The District of Champions is also the District of Gaming. With its growing popularity, Events DC has made strategic long-term investments in the esports industry over the past several years.

In addition to attracting and hosting major esports gatherings, Events DC strategically partners with esports teams and initiatives to further fuel esports growth across the region. The Washington Justice, DC’s first professional Overwatch team, is a prime example of our strategic efforts with our partners across the city to grow and reinforce our commitment to DC’s esports market and exploding fanbase. Fans will also be able to cheer on an NBA2k team (Wizards District Gaming), and teams from NRG Esports. 

Visitors and residents flock to DC knowing they’ll find edge-of-your seat excitement with the latest esports events and global tournaments, and unique venues like the Entertainment and Sports Arena with state-of-the-art technology capable of handling even the most demanding fans’ Wi-Fi expectations. These partnerships are cementing DC as the next global capital of esports, and a place that is ready to welcome fans from around the world.