Black History Month Pass the Mic: Bronson Beverly

Bronson Beverly.

Bronson Beverly.

The Black History Month Pass the Mic series provides a platform for Events DC employees to share their stories and experiences regarding Black history and culture. 

Today, we are passing the mic to Bronson Beverly, meeting services manager. Beverly has been a member of the Events DC team since 2015. 

When asked to describe what Black History Month means to him, Beverly said he sees it as an opportunity. "It is an opportunity to revisit, share, question and learn more about our history." He also believes in taking the time to discover what it means to be black in our world today.

What Beverly loves most about his Black culture is the community's influence. "We bring a certain flare to everything we do that comes naturally to us, but is often imitated," said Beverly. 

Beverly also shared why he believes it is important to know and recognize the accomplishments of Black Americans. He detailed the difficulty to strive for excellence when very few examples of excellence reflect yourself. "Seeing and learning about the accomplishments of those that look like you inspires one to want to do the same," said Beverly.


Black History Month represents a dedicated time to teach Black history, amplify Black voices and honor the triumphs and struggles of African Americans in America. Events DC is proud and excited to pay tribute to the Black stories that have helped shape our city and nation.


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