Black History Month Pass the Mic: Isarah Pierre-Louis

Isarah Pierre-Louis.

Isarah Pierre-Louis.

The Black History Month Pass the Mic series provides a platform for Events DC employees to share their stories and experiences regarding Black history and culture. 

Today, we are passing the mic to Isarah Pierre-Louis, contracts procurements assistant. Pierre-Louis has been a member of the Events DC team for six months.

To Isarah, the importance of Black History Month can be summed up in three words: excellence, education and recognition. Learning about the influence the Black community has had on American society is crucial, believes Pierre-Louis. "Learning about the amazing things we invented and impactful events we contributed to amazes me," she said. "Every year, I learn something new." She also believes in reflecting and appreciating during this time. "It is a time to say thank you and fully bask in the feeling of being African American," said Pierre-Louis.

There are many facets of Black culture that resonate with Pierre-Louis. She mentions the distinct and unique style of their culture as well as the arts, including music and poetry. "Black culture is loud, powerful and unapologetic," said Pierre-Louis. "Nothing about Black culture is primitive. Black culture is pure beauty."

A moment in Black history that shaped Pierre-Louis' life was the inauguration of President Obama in 2009. She attended the event in Washington, DC, standing alongside a sea of individuals who were just as proud as her to see a Black man become president of the United States. "At that moment, I realized nothing can stop the Black community. We succeed in everything we do, despite the circumstances and obstacles we may face."

Pierre-Louis believes it is important to know and recognize the accomplishments of Black Americans because they do not get recognized enough. She says that if it was not for this month, she does not think the Black community would get the recognition they deserve. "We owe it to our ancestors and ourselves to be proud, to celebrate and to keep moving in the right direction," said Pierre-Louis. "I think it is beautiful and honorable that we continue to give ourselves the flowers we deserve."


Black History Month represents a dedicated time to teach Black history, amplify Black voices and honor the triumphs and struggles of African Americans in America. Events DC is proud and excited to pay tribute to the Black stories that have helped shape our city and nation.