Black History Month Pass the Mic: Jordyn Tramble

Jordyn Tramble (pictured left).

Jordyn Tramble (pictured left).

The Black History Month Pass the Mic series provides a platform for Events DC employees to share their stories and experiences regarding Black history and culture. 

Today, we are passing the mic to Jordyn Tramble, special events manager for the Events DC Sports & Entertainment Division. Tramble has been a member of the Events DC team for one year. 

For Tramble, Black History Month is a time a celebrate all of the amazing contributions Black Americans have made to this country. "So often our contributions are overlooked or stolen," said Tramble. "Black History Month is a reminder that acknowledgement and representation truly matter."

When asked to describe something she loves about her Black culture, Tramble mentions shared experiences within the culture. "No matter where or how you grew up, we all have relatable life experiences." Tramble says these experiences help unite the Black community.


Black History Month represents a dedicated time to teach Black history, amplify Black voices and honor the triumphs and struggles of African Americans in America. Events DC is proud and excited to pay tribute to the Black stories that have helped shape our city and nation.


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