RFK Stadium Demolition Update - December 2022

Selective Demolition inside RFK Stadium

Selective Demolition inside RFK Stadium

Smoot Construction Company of Washington, DC continues with asbestos abatement work, universal waste removal and disposal of non-hazardous materials throughout RFK Stadium. Smoot is also progressing with non-structural demolition of restroom fixtures, kitchen equipment, casework, lighting and windows, among other stadium components.

Crews are working their way from the top of the stadium down to the service level. Work is taking place according to DC government regulations Monday through Friday and truck traffic is limited to local deliveries, equipment drop-off and material haul-off. Waste removal activities and non-structural demotion work will continue for the next few months.

Selective demolition and abatement inside RFK Stadium

Asbestos abatement is being monitored by ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC, an environmental consultant contracted by Events DC. Noise, dust and vibration levels around the site are being monitored regularly. To date, all readings have been normal.

In December, the remaining spectator seats in the lower seating bowl were removed. Removal of seats in the upper seating bowl will continue through the winter months. The iconic orange seats can be purchased online at www.StadiumSeatDepot.com as part of our Farewell RFK Stadium campaign. Additional seating types and colors will be made available for purchase early in the new year.

As of the end of November, nearly 193 tons of metal and 16 tons of plastic material from the stadium have been recycled.

Selective Demolition inside RFK Stadium

To-date, Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) participation in the project is at 79%, with Small Business Enterprise participation at 54%. There are approximately 156 workers on site, of which 75 are DC residents. Of those 75, 36 live in Wards 7 and 8.

In July of 2022, Events DC submitted for a Raze Permit from the District. District agencies and local utilities are currently reviewing our permit application and plans.

Click below to view our live stream camera feed of the construction site.