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May 1 - 31

Events DC is excited to have expanded its programming to include Passport DC! 

Experience the world in one place by planning a trip to Washington, DC. Passport DC offers a month-long journey that showcases the city's thriving international diplomatic community and diverse culture. This event is celebrated annually in May during International Cultural Awareness month and offers programs by embassies and some of DC’s very best cultural institutions. Thousands of people enjoy the popular embassy open houses, street festivals, performances, exhibitions, workshops and more. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the global trace that makes DC a unique destination.

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Events DC is thrilled to introduce its Passport DC App. New to Passport DC and Around the World Embassy Tour, this app offers experiences to enhance your ability to Go Global and Stay Local. 
In addition to the embassy's information, you will see augmented reality (AR) that features national landmarks associated with each country. You will also automatically receive a virtual stamp as you visit each participating embassy, restaurant or cultural event. Start collecting your stamps today!

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AWET 2023


International City Food Festival - May 3-4

The second annual International City Food Festival will be two days of celebrations complementing the first weekend of Passport DC, making culinary diplomacy accessible to all ages through a variety of fun and culturally rich events.

Flower Mart

Flower Mart
May 3-4

Flower Mart is a program where people can shop for plants and gifts, eat fun festival food, enjoy children’s activities, ride the historic carousel and take in the beauty of the International Floral Exhibit.

EU Open House
May 11

EU Open House is organized by the Delegation of the European Union to the United States. Visitors will enjoy the authentic music, dance, food, film and art of the distinctive nations of the European Union!

Fiesta Asia

Fiesta Asia
Updated: June 1

Fiesta Asia! is a street fair and a signature celebration that occurs every May in conjunction with Asian Heritage Month Commemorations. It offers outdoor craft exhibits, live performances, food and more. Due to the threat of inclement weather, the Fiesta Asia Street Fair has been postponed to Saturday, June 1.

International Programs
May 1-31

Discover the best internationally themed programs during the International Cultural Awareness Month offered by cultural organizations. 

Savor the Flavors

Savor the Flavors
May 1-31

Visit a selected list of restaurants in DC during Passport DC and savor tastes of the world without leaving the city. 


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Learn about the 2024 participating embassies here.

What People Say about Passport DC…

“We loved the opportunity to connect with cultures and people worldwide and to see the wide variety of diplomatic posts and offices."

“Getting to learn more about different countries and cultures, with a minimal cost involved (always a plus in DC!).”

“Love the ability to experience different cultures through the embassies. The exhibitions each put up were engaging, thoughtful and beautiful!”

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